How To Choose A Weed Wacker

While most reviewers reported the machine working great, some noted that the 128LD is a little short for a straight shaft trimmer. Some users who are around 6 feet tall said they had to hunch over while using the tool. But there are a few bonus features offered by some manufacturers that can take your string trimmer from “good” to the best weed eater around.

Best Battery-Powered Weedeater Roundup Hands-On Testing PTR – Pro Tool Reviews

Best Battery-Powered Weedeater Roundup Hands-On Testing PTR.

Posted: Thu, 03 Sep 2020 22:29:54 GMT [source]

With a 5-amp motor and a dual-line cutting head, it will take down tall weeds and smooth out grass surfaces with ease. Air purge technology will clear any air from the fuel or carburetor system of this gas weed wacker. It can be used with or without its shield, and the “Smart Start” technology makes it easy to start up. A detachable shaft makes it easy to transport or to store when not in use.

Best Electric String Trimmers

For example, some trimmers also handle edging, allowing you to get clean lines along the edges of sidewalks and driveways. Some models come with a guard to protect garden plants that you don’t want to trim. Gas models sometimes offer extra features, such as a see-through gas tank to know when you need a refill and a deflector that shoots the exhaust backward. There is very little difference between electric and cordless weed eaters or string trimmers. Electric trimmers run on AC power and include a cord, while cordless string trimmers run on DC power, which is supplied by a lithium-ion battery that emits a varying amount of voltage. Some models may also come with a shoulder strap, particularly some of the larger gas-powered trimmers which tend to be heavier than other types.

Our top pick for the best string trimmer is the Husqvarna String Trimmer. It is a monster trimmer that is specially designed for commercial applications with a heavy-duty engine but is also ideal for medium to large residential properties. They can wreak havoc with our gardens and turn our beautiful piece of paradise into a jungle. However, instead of having to get down on your hands and knees to wrench out those almost supernatural invasive weeds, a grass or string trimmer can do all the hard work for you. Other than that, the adjustable D-handle and slip-free design provide better ergonomics and operator comfort necessary for long grooming sessions.

Extra Features

That’s because this model provides some outstanding features that can certainly meet the needs of users with a lot of trimming or weed whipping on their to-do list. That starts with this unit’s 42.7 cc motor, which is strong enough and durable enough to last through many years of regular use. With that much power in the engine alone, you might be worried that this model is excessively bulky. But in practice, the Coocheer 42.7cc manages to maintain a modest weight by utilizing an aluminum alloy shaft.

best weed wacker gas

All our “commercial-level” trimmers have a one-piece shaft, and the three “consumer-level” models had two-piece shafts. Bump feed trimmer heads basically allow you to extend the trimmer line as it wears down by bumping the head on the ground during operation . For me standing at over 6’4 (1.93 m), a longer shaft makes for a more comfortable user experience. If you are not over 6 foot then a slightly shorter shaft might be better. If you regularly have lots of heavy trimming to do then a bigger engine is a must.

How To Choose The Best Gas Weed Eater

You can convert it to an edger easily as other best combo trimmers do. LST300 has a Power Drive Transmission system that ensures more power from the motor to the cutting head. Weed trimmers can be heavy—at least 10 pounds before they’re even filled with gas. Some customers prefer an over-the-shoulder harness for additional back support. And of course, do not operate the tool within 60 feet of another person. Amazon reviewers agree that this is a lightweight mower suitable for small, simple jobs.

best weed wacker gas

It also includes a translucent fuel tank that allows you to monitor the fuel level while working. On the other hand, gas-powered trimmers provide the highest amount of torque to the motor of any trimmer model. They produce a lot of smoke, noise, and pollution, but they sure do get the job done easily. No matter what, the best trimmers will have high-quality construction and be made from durable materials. They will also feature things like pull cords and switches and engines that can also stand to last.

Wild Badger Power Wbp26bci Straight Shaft Brush Cutter

If you don’t need a heavy-duty model, there are several lightweight options available. They overcome the problem associated with having a lead with a rechargeable battery. Overall, this is a solid piece of kit aimed at the home user who wants a weed eater that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Weed wacking grass and weeds can be fun and relaxing if you choose the right one. If you have a large property to weed wack, you better have a very long extension cord. The length of your cord is the determining factor in how far from best weed wacker gas your power source you can travel. But, if range is not an issue, an electric weed wacker is a great option. The benefits of cordless string weed wackers are they are on the opposite size and weight spectrum as that of gas trimmers.

Are Battery

What’s more, it welcomes you home to an orderly, attractive place of peace. Unless, of course, all you can think of is the epic battle with your weed wacker that preceded it. , the multi-tool Ryobi helped me get off the ground allowed me to offer a wider range of services until I was able to focus solely on lawn care. Either of these will be a better option than the current battery-powered options. Unlike a straight shafted trimmer, curved trimmers are not as dynamic. Weed eaters work by a wire or plastic line wound around a rotating wheel.

  • There are several reasons to have a gas string trimmer in your household.
  • This weed eater can also be equipped with a number of other blade types to allow it to take on tougher trimming jobs.
  • The warranty of 7 years which is the highest in residential weed eaters reflects the quality of the product.
  • A potent tool won’t be lightweight, so you need to set priorities when buying a string trimmer or any other gardening equipment.
  • We’re halfway through our list, and now is a good time to introduce the Wild Badger Power WBP31BCF Straight Shaft Trimmer.
  • A button that the user can press and hold to immediately shut off or disable the gas weed eater.
  • Well, now you know what you need to shop for and select the gas weed eater model that meets your needs and your budget.
  • With string trimmers, it’s all the same because the primary focus should be put on the power of an engine.
  • As of 2015, Dewalt has seven manufacturing facilities in the United States.
  • They offer a large variety of tools, kitchen gadgets, and fasteners all for reasonable prices.

When most people think of the brand Cub Cadet, they think about the iconic yellow and white riding lawnmower. While they still manufacture high-quality mowers, they also produce a full line of outdoor power tools including string trimmers. They break down the best models by category — cordless, gasoline-powered, and corded trimmers. They also offer suggestions for where to purchase the models they tested and give a cheaper option for string trimmers for those working with a budget. Pushing these six different models to their limits, they cut through hundreds of yards of edges of trails, barns, outbuildings and stone walls to weed out the clunkers and to announce a victor. Experts tested 68 different models of string trimmers to bring the best to buyers.

Cycle Vs 2 Cycle Gas Trimmers

Since these are more powerful than the 2-cycle trimmers, you can plow down larger, thicker patches of weeds with them. Kristin Hitchcock is passionate about an array of DIY topics – from blacksmithing to making children’s toys. She understands the importance of choosing the right tool for the right job and enjoys informing others on the options currently available on the market. She is a stronger believer that you can do practically anything yourself with the right tools and knowledge. For most women, we recommend the BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker. It’s lightweight, has a decently long run time, and comes with all the features you need to succeed.

Best String Trimmers of 2021 –

Best String Trimmers of 2021.

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The cutting diameter is 10 inches which makes this a great option for making very precise cuts. The head tilts 90-degrees which allows it to function as both a trimmer and an edger. This tool is extremely light at just 3.53 pounds without the battery making it extremely light and easy for a woman to carry around and maneuver. This weed wacker also comes equipped with a flower guard so you can protect what matters most on your lawn. There is an adjustable handle as well making it comfortable to use, and the height is adjustable as well so truly anyone can use this product.

The Cutting Width

Started in Pennsylvania in 1924, Dewalt was founded by the man who invented the radial arm saw. As of 2015, Dewalt has seven manufacturing facilities in the United States. Their array of power tools includes four types of string trimmers.

best weed wacker gas

When it comes to the amount of power that the engine offers you, you’ll notice that gas trimmers come in either 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines. Everyone knows how to charge a battery, though not everyone knows how to mix fuel for a weed eater correctly. Battery options only run for so long, however, and you’ll need to remember to charge the battery between each use.


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